Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Vray 3.0 and HDR Dusk Sky test

These are tests of the At Dusk Sky. I did do a quick levels adjustment on some of these but that is all I had time to do right now. I am finding it easier to work HDR parameters in Vray to get a little closer to what I want.  I do need to work on a lot of things, such as the grass, trees, siding, etc ....  I am actually pretty happy with Vray and the HDR Skies.

Vray 3.0 and HDRI Sky tests

These are test images of an HDR sky that I just purchased.  This is an overcast sky. There has been no post work done to these images (and it looks it). This is just what was rendered out. They are very dark and moody.  I'm trying to figure out settings. I'm seeing why one would composite the sky in during post.  It seems difficult to get exactly what I want with both the sky and the house.

This is an image showing my render region tests.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HDRI Test - Vray 3.0

This is just a test of an HDRI map that I am thinking about buying from cg skies.  This is a low res version of it so I focused the camera near so the sky and clouds would get blurred by the depth of field.  I didn't spend much time on the scene.  I mostly played with the lighting.  I did take the image into after effects for a little color correction.

And with annoying lens flare.  More of a poorly done lens flare, but its just a test anyway.