Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vray Fast SSS2 - Scatter Radius and Phase Function Settings

The images below try to illustrate the results of various values in the Fast SSS2 attributes Scatter Radius and Phase Function

Vray Fog Bias and Fresnel Settings

I made these two images to show the effects of changing the Fog Bias setting (top image) and the Fresnel Reflections setting (bottom image).  


The 2 Back Rows have a Diffuse color of 0,0,0.  The Back Row has a Reflect color of 220,135,0. The Left most column does not have the Fresnel reflections box checked.  The most right pawn in the back row has a Reflection Glossiness of 0.5. All others have a value of 0.8.  Feel free to download these two images if you find them useful.